Ride safe with mySOS

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Ride safe with mySOS

If you’re racing this weekend you will have received an SMS from mySOS with details about how to register, so register now! All you have to do is reply to the SMS that has already been sent to you.

This year for the first time we are working with mySOS to help ensure safety for all our cyclists.

mySOS  is a free mobile app that allows users to contact emergency service providers at the touch of a button. When a user activates an emergency through mySOS the details of the user as well as the location of the incident is sent to the provider enabling a much quicker and more accurate response.

mySOS covers more than 400 events (mountain biking, trail running, road cycling, adventure racing etc) and has almost 50,000 users in South Africa. Various EMS providers have endorsed mySOS and receive location based information real-time in their dispatching systems e.g. Netcare911, ER24, Emer-G-Med. Visitors to the Oyster festival can also use mySOS to find doctors, pharmacies, police stations, dentists etc. through the Find Near Me function.