Top 10 things you need to know before you race!

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Top 10 things you need to know before you race!

There are a number of race rules and safety regulations which you should be aware of before your race this weekend. These are the top 10. You can familiarise yourself with the others on our website:

  1. In the event of not being able to be at registration, you can arrange with a relative or friend to collect your race pack. They need to prove that you have given them permission to collect your race pack via letter, email or sms.
  2. All riders are required to ride with RaceTec Timing devices – either a timing chip for the Road Races or a RacTec timing board for the MTB Races – these can be purchased when entering the event or at registration.
  3. Riders must wear a bicycle helmet, with the strap securely fastened tightly under his/her chin. NO HELMET, NO RIDE.
  4. Cyclists must be in their respective holding areas at least 30 minutes before the start of their race. Once in the area, participants may not leave.
  5. Participants must not use personal music devices, radio communication devices or mobile telephones whilst riding. However, members of professional teams may use radio communication devices if they are in accordance with UCI rules and regulations which can be found at
  6. Cyclists may not ride with another participant’s timing chip or number or give his/her participant number or timing chip to another participant.
  7. You may not start, or attempt to start before your designated start group.
  8. Riders should familiarise themselves with the route for their event/s which are on the website:
  9. An additional late entry fee of R50 will be charged for late entries for all MTB and Road Races, except the 30 km and 15 km MTB race, for which the late entry fee is R30.
  10. Late entries will not be accepted on the morning of the event.

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