Knysna Cycle Tour heads for the flats and forests – extending planned virtual rides to include, a Pro Race too!

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Knysna Cycle Tour heads for the flats and forests – extending planned virtual rides to include, a Pro Race too!

Knysna – The organisers of the Knysna Cycle Tour announced this week that they will be extending their planned virtual rides as Zwift meet-ups and Strava competitions from 21 – 28 June 2020, to include a PRO Race on Sunday 28 June 2020 at 16:00 CET too. 

The race, hosted and run by the Support SA Talent Virtual Racing Series and presented by Traderoot Active on various social media channels, will be a stand-alone event with its own leader board and LIVE stream with commentary, 

South African cyclists interested in racing as a Team or as an individual can enter on Zwift – with two separate racing categories: “A” Category (4w/kg or more); and, “B” Category (3.2w/kg – 3.9w/kg). Positions will be awarded for the top 10 positions in both the Men’s (all Men – any age) and Women’s (all Women – any age). 

Participants are encouraged to make a R200 donation, which provides an additional fundraising component to the Phil Liggett Foundation – to further Support SA Talent and enabling SA athletes onto the World Stage – as well as the events partners, Rotary. Twenty-five percent of the donations received will be made available as a  prize purse, for the Top 10 positions.

“We have selected the Sand and Sequoias  route on Zwift, which is aptly named since it includes the Fuego Flats desert plus, the rolling road of Titans Grove sequoia forest. We felt that this best depicted the Knysna Cycle Tour and Knysna area”, said Ivan Van Lier, Knysna Cycle Tour Race Director. 

The race route is 20.2km with 146m of vertical elevation. The race will include two loops (40.4km) beginning just before the Fuego Flats start pens, taking participants out to the desert for a flat and fast first half of the loop. Then the road ramps up a bit, before descending through the sequoia grove. Hanging a right on your descent through the trees puts you on the road through Titans Grove, this section has a completely different feel from the desert. With tight twists and constantly changing gradients it feels like a roller coaster at high speeds – so, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

You can read more about the route here:

So, what to do next?

Make your donation of R200 or more here:

Once this is received, participants will receive a link to the Race Entry on Zwift on Friday 26 June 2020, together with their virtual race number. 

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More information:

info@Support SA


  • Participants in the Virtual KNYSNA CYCLE TOUR PRO RACE must have an active Zwift membership and have their Zwift Account connected to Zwift Power. No Tron Bikes are allowed.
  • Zwift Power will be used to validate that you are in the correct category. So, please enter the correct category when you enter the race. “A” Cat – 4w/Kg or more & “B” Cat (3,2w/Kg – 3,9w/Kg).  If Zwift Power amends your category, then we reserve the right to also amend this in the final results
  • You may enter as an individual as well as in a Team of no more than 6 Riders. The Team scores will be a total score of each individual riders’ points for the race. If you are entering as a Team, all Team members must have their Team Name after their Zwift name in brackets. i.e. Kent Main (PTS). This is to determine accurate Team results being published. Riders must ensure that their Zwift Power name is also updated.
  • By registering with Support SA Talent Virtual Racing Series, you give us permission to feature you on the Virtual Racing Series Leader boards and publish these on various social media channels.
  • Results will only be official once Support SA Talent Virtual Racing Series has released them on it’s social media platforms (this will be done within 24 hours of the event and after an inspection of the results published on Zwift Power). In the event that ZwiftPower subsequently suspends a participant, then Support SA Talent Virtual Racing Series will apply the suspension to it’s Series and the participants position will be re-ranked accordingly.
  • There is no entry fee to participate but, you are encouraged to make a donation of R200 or more to the Knysna Rotary and Phil Liggett Foundation to Support SA Talent to be featured on the leader board and qualify to share in the prize pool. To incentivize donations, the Foundation will make 25% of donations received available to a Prize Pool for the winners, as per the table below. 
  • There is a minimum number of participants per category in order to feature participants on the Virtual Road Cycling Series Leader board. There is also a minimum number of participants per category in order for participants to share in the prize pool. In the event that minimum number of participants is not met, no prize pool allocation will be made to that category for the event. Any unallocated funds will remain in the Support SA Talent Foundation.
  • In the case of the Men’s and Women’s Individual A and B category Series, the Top 3 places will be awarded their share of the Prize Pool as indicated – 1st Place [60%], 2nd Place [30%] and 3rd Place [10%]. In the case of the Team Competition, only the 1st Place Team will be awarded their share of the Prize Pool.

Please contact info@Support SA with any queries