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Save the dates for this year’s Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour!

Friday 29 June 2018:  Registration

Saturday 30 June 2018:  Mountain Bike Events

Sunday 1 July 2018:  Road Races | Children’s Events | Forest Family Dam Ride

Online entries for all events will open on 4 March 2018!

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15km MTB Ashes Fun Ride

This year there will be an exciting new route for the 15 km MTB race! We’re calling it the Ashes Fun Ride in memory of the Knysna fires and we encourage you to enter to show your support for local cyclists who were affected by the recent devastating fires!

Check out the new route here.

Click here to enter online now!

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#RideForALocal says Knysna Cycle Tour!

The Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour is going ahead despite the recent devastating fires and will celebrate its 30th year with exciting new routes & rides!

Marketing director of the Knysna Cycle Tour, Andrew Finn said that he hoped that many cyclists who were previously undecided about participating in the event this year, will make the decision to enter a race and come to Knysna.

“We’ve launched a campaign, #RideForALocal because many of our local cyclists were affected in one way or another by the fires. Every single person who comes to the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival will be helping the locals to rebuild their lives and their businesses,” he said.

To encourage participation, normal entries have been extended till 23 June, but late online entries will be accepted until 5 July with no penalties. A late entry fee will be charged for entries at registration. However, late entries will not be seeded.

The two-day event offers a weekend of cycling for the whole family and is for cyclists who enjoy scenic and challenging routes – from beginners to experienced riders.

  • MTB Events: Saturday, 8 July: 80 km, 50 km, 30 km, 15 km PLUS a new 30 km e-bike route
  • Road Race Events: Sunday, 9 July: 115 km and 50 km
  • SPUR Children’s Fun Ride: Sunday, 9 July: 400 m, 1,5 km and 2,5 km
  • Forest Family Dam Ride: Sunday, 9 July: 30 km and 20 km

EVENT ENQUIRIES: Megan or Linda | Cell: 079 796 7834 | Tel: 044 382 1129 (mornings only)



Follow the Knysna Cycle Tour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates about all events.


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Knysna Oyster Festival to go ahead

Knysna Tourism has confirmed that the Pick n Pay 2017 Knysna Oyster Festival is going ahead as planned. Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, the Knysna Municipality and the event organisers, board chairperson Elmay Bouwer said that while the Garden Route town suffered extensive damage in this week’s devastating fires, plans for the festival are continuing.

Marketing director for the Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour, Andrew Finn said that, while Knysna has taken a big knock, the Knysna Cycle Tour is still on track with planning and organisation. “Once all the fires have been extinguished, we will be able to assess the situation to see whether it is necessary to alter any of our routes and plans, and all entrants will be updated by email,” he said. “We are looking forward to a great event.”

Organiser of The Momentum Knysna Forest Marathon, Leon Brown, confirmed that the marathon would also go ahead. “We are dedicating the event to all the people who lost everything in the fires and will be focusing on our blanket drive. We urge people to add to the 2000 blankets which Momentum donates every year and to also donate clothing which will be collected at registration and at the race start in the Glebe so that it can be distributed to where it is most needed.

Knysna Tourism is presently assessing the impact of the fires on the local accommodation establishments but is positive that festival goers will be able to find accommodation in and around the town. Visitors can call Knysna Tourism on 044 3825510 for more information.

Bouwer said that it was heartening so see how South Africans across the country have offered support for those who have lost so much in Knysna. “The festival will be a great opportunity for people who want to help our residents to recover from this disaster and we are looking forward to welcoming a record number of people to our beautiful town.

“The festival is known to stimulate the Knysna winter economy and firmly places the region on the tourism destination map during the quieter off-season.  It is also instrumental in raising meaningful funding for local charities (over R3 million in 2016) and for developing and growing local suppliers.  These are good reasons for the festival to take place and an even better reason to invite everyone to Knysna this year.”

To illustrate the positive economic impact that the festival brings to Knysna, last year festival goers spent close to R110 million over the 10 days of the festival, excluding event tickets and a total of 2 392 job opportunities were created.

Separate to the charitable contributions that will come from the festival, both Pick n Pay and event co-sponsors Momentum have this week donated R100 000 each to immediate fire disaster relief.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to assist can take advantage of Pick n Pay’s online shop to purchase groceries and essentials for delivery to those in need. Visit

For more information about the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival visit For accommodation in Knysna visit


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Ten-year-old disabled cyclist takes on Knysna Cycle Tour 50 km road race

Ten-year-old disabled cyclist extraordinaire Zach Rauch Legward will ride this year’s Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour 50 km Road Race event on Sunday 9 July.

Zach, who lives in Cape Town, has been cycling for the last three years on a custom-built hand cycle and is the youngest hand cyclist in South Africa. He has won Gold in the Outeniqua Wheel Chair Challenge three times, has ridden Cape Town Cycle Tour Junior twice and recently did the the Gun Run.

Zach and his support team, headed up by dad Geoff Legward, started training for the Knysna Cycle Tour four months ago, riding a distance of 13 km every second day, which Zach completes in about 60 min at an average speed of 15 km.

Says Geoff: “Downhill we have seen his bike do 50 km, but I start getting a bit nervous! We have increased his distance to 20 km and he’s doing this easily. Weekends we are doing 30 km and he handles that with ease.”

Zach is registered with Pedal power and Cycling SA.

If he completes the race, he will be the youngest hand cyclist in SA to do 50 km and possibly the first in Africa.

The Knysna Rotary Committee which coordinates the annual event has given free entries to Zach and his team mates, and Zach’s father Geoff has promised to give him R10 per km completed.

Says Geoff: “I would like to challenge other cyclists to sponsor Zach R10 per kilometre. These funds will be given to a charity for disabled children.” Sponsorship commitments can be emailed to

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NEW: Road Race Mountain Bike Categories

We’ve made it easier for cyclists to enter both a MTB event and a Road Race by introducing MTB categories in the Road Races on Sunday 9 July!

You can now ride the 115 km and 50 Road Races on your mountain bike with knobbly tyres.  However, you must ensure that you are riding a genuine mountain bike with mountain bike knobbly tires. Any person not complying with this condition will not be recognised as a finisher in these events and if found after the event to have contravened this condition will be removed from the results.

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NEW: First E-bike event in the country!

This year, our MTB events will include a 30 km Electric bike route, the first E-bike event in the country!

The Knysna Cycle Tour defines an e-bike as follows:

“An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike or booster bike, is a (MTB) bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion and must be combined with the ability to be pedalled by the rider.

Only e-bikes that are mountain bikes may enter the E-bike 30 km category – tyres must be knobbly mountain bike tyres. No recharging or battery replacement may take place during the event.

No electric road bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or motor bikes may enter this event.

Click here to enter

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Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour celebrates 30 years

The Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year and the Knysna Rotary organising committee will mark the occasion with the introduction of a number of new routes and races.

The Knysna Cycle Tour has grown enormously since its inception in 1987 and now comprises four popular events which will take place on 8 and 9 July, the first weekend of the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival: MTB events, road races, the SPUR Children’s Tour, and the Forest Family Dam Ride.

The MTB event on 8 July is one of the biggest in southern Africa and includes outstanding cycling routes through the Knysna forest. Traditionally the events consisted of four different MTB routes for varying technical abilities – 80 km, 50 km, 30 km and 15 km. This year, the organising committee is changing the 15 km route to an easier, fun ride for all ages, and introducing a 30 km e-bike route.

“We understand that this will be the first electric bike race in the country,” says Race Director Elwin Thompson, “and we are hoping to attract e-bikers from all over South Africa.”

The MTB routes are rated amongst the most scenic in the world and include access to privately owned sections of property that are usually closed to the public.  Set up and managed by Leon Evans, known as Dr Evil, they test the skills of competitors to the maximum.

The challenging 115 km road race on Sunday 9 July will follow the route introduced three years ago, which was designed for enthusiastic, competitive roadies. It takes cyclists from Knysna to Sedgefield, Karatara and Barrington, and back to Knysna.

The 50 km road race route is from Knysna to Sedgefield and back along the N2.

This year, for the first time, both these races will include a category for mountain bikes. “We are doing this in response to many requests that we’ve received over the years from cyclists who want to enter both a MTB event on the first day of the tour and a road race the next day, but can only transport one bike to Knysna,” says Thompson. “We are confident that this is going to grow cyclist numbers in both events.”

The SPUR Rotary Knysna Children’s Cycle Tour on Sunday 9 July is a fun, safe event for children aged 2 to 10. There are three events for different age groups, all starting and finishing at the Knysna Oyster Festival Grounds in Waterfront Drive.

Another new innovation this year will see the popular Forest Family Dam Ride on Sunday 9 July split into two events: a 20 km and a 30 km ride. Both rides are scenic MTB routes through the Knysna forest and past some of the town’s dams. The 30 km event is for more experienced riders, while the 20 km ride is for MTB riders of all ages and competency, including children aged 12 years and older. They are guided fun rides and will not be timed.

Says Thompson: “We would like to see as many cyclists as possible participating in events on both days of the cycle tour, and our new events and categories will make this much more feasible. There will also be overall prizes for cyclists who enter events on both days.”

The Knysna Cycle Tour is a one of the biggest and most popular events on the national cycling calendar and a highlight of the annual Knysna Oyster Festival.

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Essential One-Hand Skills, via Bicycling magazine

Ace the bottle grab and other essential one-armed riding skills with these balance and bike handling drills. By Mike Yozell

Cycling one-handed drills

Drill 1

One On, One Off

Build confidence riding with one hand so you can use the other to eat, drink, and signal.

Here’s how:

Start by holding the handlebar with just your right hand near the bend (or on the grip on a flat bar). Pedal in a straight line for three to 15m. Switch hands and repeat. Practise the same amount with each hand.


Drill 2

Line Up, Look Back

Learn to glance behind you with ease. Get into the same starting position as in the drill above.

Here’s how:

Let your left arm hang by your side. Shift your weight slightly onto your right hand. Rotate at the waist to look back over your left shoulder, keeping your pelvis, knees, and front wheel facing forward. Move your left arm slightly behind you until your wrist rests on your tailbone (shown). Do the sequence up to 10 times, pedalling in a straight line. Repeat on the other side.

Perform these drills in an empty parking lot or on a quiet road a few times a week until the motions feel easy.

Helpful Hints

>> To Get Your Drink
It’s easier (and safer) to reach to the same place every time. If you have two bottles, empty the one in the front cage first, then replace with your back-up. Stop riding if you need to.

>> To See Traffic Behind You
Deploy the Line Up, Look Back drill. Important: Relax your elbow to avoid yanking your handlebar.

>> To Find Stuff In Your Jersey Pockets
Fill them strategically. Put phone and food in side pockets. Tools go in the middle – you won’t use them while pedalling. Always load pockets the same way to avoid fumbling.

> It’s OK to…
• practise your skills on grass at first.
• stop riding to answer a phone call, to text, or to take a picture. (In fact, please do.)
• put an extra bag on your frame or handlebar to keep items close at hand.

From Bicycling magazine

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Ihlenfeldt & Schoeman win 115 km #KTC2016 road race

Two of last year’s Momentum Weekend Argus Knysna Cycle Tour road race winners, were back on the podium again this year following today’s 115 km event.

IMG_3044 Oyster Cycle RoadIn a thrilling sprint finish Stefan Ihlenfeldt, who was third last year, beat defending champion Nolan Hoffman in a time of 2:59:48, by just a second. Third, by a millisecond was Tyler Day. The first 21 riders across the line were bunched from some distance before the finish line and finished just 7 seconds apart.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ihlenfeldt, who has competed in the last six Knysna Cycle Tour road races, was delighted with his win. “The race started off very cold. I think everyone struggled with the below zero temperature, so the race wasn’t too hard from the start as no-one really had the legs. It started getting form about 60 km into the race with small breaks getting away. I was in the last breakaway and we were well represented as Team Lights by Linea with teammates James Tennant and Rohan du Plooy, and that forced the other teams to pull the break back so me and Dirkie Nel could just sit in the bunch and play the waiting game. Dirkie had the timing perfect to get me safely around the last corner, and I managed to pull away.”

Ladies Elite Road Race - Anriette Schoeman takes first place - pic by Desmond Scholtz - wideDefending ladies champion Anriettte Schoeman, who has competed in 18 Knysna Cycle Tour races and was also Queen of the Mountain today, beat Carmen Buchacher by a second with a time of 03:06:39. Third was Samantha Sanders (03:10:52).

Says Schoeman: “This year they changed the route slightly and cut out Hoekville, which made it a little bit easier but the climbing was still severe. It wasn’t steep, just very long. Luckily I had fresh legs and I stuck with Carmen, who is a very good climber, because I knew that if I could stick with her to the finish, I could beat her in the sprint.

“I really enjoy the race and that’s why I keep coming back every year.

Sanders and Buchacher were second and third to winner Yolande de Villiers in yesterday’s 80 km MTB event.

Elite Road Race winners Anriette Schoeman & Stefan Ihlenfeldt - pic by Desmond ScholtzCarel Bosman, Sponsorships Manager for Momentum, one of the two naming sponsors of the cycle tour, said that he was very pleased with the events this year.

“There are two key things that make us really excited about being associated with the Knysna Cycle Tour. Firstly, Momentum is all about financial wellness, but we believe that your health is your wealth. People who are moderately active claim 50% less than those who are not, so we strongly promote an active lifestyle. It was fantastic to see thousands of cyclists going out this weekend and being proactive about their health. The other thing that makes this event the perfect fit for Momentum is the family factor; seeing youngsters, the elderly and everyone in between competing in the different races. There’s pretty much a race for everyone and it’s not about winning, it’s really just about being active.”

Marketing Director of the Knysna Cycle Tour, Andrew Finn confirmed that the event is growing and that there was a record number of about 6,000 cyclists competing in the MTB and road races this weekend, which is about 10% more than last year.

“Despite extremely cold conditions today and yesterday, the cyclists enjoyed themselves and their families and friends turned up in good numbers to support them at the start and finish, spend time on the field watching the SPUR Children’s Tour and basically enjoy themselves in the winter sunshine.

“The Family Forest Dam Ride was fully prescribed this year and is becoming a must-do event for families attending the annual Oyster Festival,” he said.