Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age?

80 km MTB 19 years
50 km MTB 15 years
30 km MTB 10 years
15 km MTB 9 years
100 km Road 15 years
50 km Road 12 years

When will the 2018 Knysna Cycle Tour be held?
MTB Events: Saturday, 30 June 2018
Road Races: Sunday, 1 July 2018
Children’s Tour: Sunday, 1 July 2018
Forest Family Dam Ride: Sunday, 1 July 2018

How do I enter?
Online entries open 4 March this year, and will be on a first come, first served basis. To enter online, you will need a valid credit card which is registered for 3D Secure.
South African entrants can also submit a postal entry and pay by cheque or EFT. Email to request an entry form. Please send a copy of your EFT along with your entry form to or Fax: 086 515 9637

Who can enter?
Anybody who is over the minimum age of the event category, can ride a bicycle and is moderately fit can participate. If you are unsure of your fitness levels or medical status, please visit your doctor first.

What are the entry fees?

MTB 80 km19 years & olderR395
MTB 80 km EliteElite riders onlyR395
MTB 50 km15 years & olderR310
MTB 30 km10 years & olderR215
MTB 15 km Fun Ride9 years & olderR125
MTB Tandem 30 kmR365
E-bike 30 kmR215
Road Race 115 km16 years & olderR380
Road Race 115km EliteElite riders onlyR380
Road Race 50 km12 years & olderR310
Road Race Tandem 115 km TandemR600
Road Race Tandem 50 kmR595
Road Race on MTB bike 115 kmR380
Road Race on MTB bike 50 kmR310

Do I need a licence to participate?
Only South African residents must have a license to take part. All South African cyclists participating in any cycling event in South Africa are required to be a member of Cycling South Africa (CSA) or an affiliate of CSA (of which PPA is one). Alternatively you will be required to buy a one-day CSA event license at R35.00 for each event/race in which you want to participate. CSA licences are valid for the full calendar year of 2017.

Can I ride with somebody else’s race number?
No. Any participant found to be riding with somebody else’s race number may face disqualification and/or a 1-year ban.
The reason for the strict enforcement of the rules is because your personal and medical details are linked to your race number in case of an emergency.

What if I enter but cannot take part?
If you cannot take part, a substitution can be arranged before the close of pre-entries or at the event registration the day before the event. You will need to find someone to take your entry.

Substitutions before the close of pre entries:
Substitutions must be arranged with GWIM between 1 – 15 June 2018. The original entrant will NOT be refunded his/her entry fee. You may ask the substitute rider to refund your entry fee but you may not ask for more than you originally paid. Contraventions may result in the disqualification of both parties.
An admin fee of R50.00 will be charged and is payable by credit card. Please email for further information.

Substitutions at event registration:
1. Collect the original participants race number and race pack
2. Complete an entry form
3. Pay R50.00 at the entry substitution area

How do I collect my merchandise that I ordered if I am no longer able to go to Registration?
You can ask someone else that is attending to collect your merchandise on your behalf, on condition you have their written permission.

I would like to ride together with family members and friends. How do I do this?
Please include a “team name” when completing your entry form; this will assist the event in placing friends and family members together at the time of race number assignment. Each entrant must use the same “team name”.  Alternatively, once you have been notified of your race number and seeding in June you will be given the opportunity to change your race category at registration (the day before the event). You can only lower your seeding/starting group.
1. Collect your original race number and race pack
2. Pay R50.00 at the change of category area
3. Receive your new race number

What do I wear?
Helmets: Helmets are compulsory. We recommend polystyrene helmets complying with ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards.
Clothing: Cycling shoes, shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety and convenience but you can wear what you like.
Please also note that it is a family event and clothing should be appropriate.

How can I confirm the status of my entry?
If you entered online, you can check your details on the website. Alternatively, you can contact the GWIM offices at
If you entered by post or fax, you can check your details on the GWIM website. Alternatively, you can contact the event organisers

How is my seeding calculated and who is seeded?
Pre-entrants are seeded according to their national seeding index. Entrants entering after the pre-entries date and at the event registration will not be seeded.

When will I be assigned my race number and be notified of my seeding/start time?
Your race number and seeding will be sent to you end-June. This will be sent to you by email or sms.

Where do I collect my race number?
Registration will take place at the PICK N PAY KNYSNA OYSTER FESTIVAL GROUNDS, Waterfront Drive Knysna.
Registration times are:
Mountain Bike Events, Road Races, Forest Family Dam Rides and Children’s Races: Friday, 29 JUNE  from 13:00 – 20:00
Road Races, Forest Family Dam Rides and Children’s Races: Saturday,30 June from 9:00 – 15:00
Children’s Races – Sunday, 1 July from 8:00

How do I collect my race number if I do not receive my confirmation email or sms?
You need to go to the Race Number lookup area at Registration to be assigned your race number. This can be used to collect your race pack and goodie bag.

How will I be timed?
This year the Knysna Cycle Tour will be using  RaceTec chips for the road race, and will use the state-of-the-art RFID Race Timing System mountain bike boards from Racetec.

What if I decide during the tour that I cannot continue?
There is a sweep vehicle that follows the route. Move off the course and wait for the sweep vehicle or stop at any of the official water points.

What are the cut-off times?
The cut-off is 15:00 for MTB Events and 16:00 for the Road Races at the Festival Grounds. After that time the finish area will start to close down and roads will no longer be managed by traffic officials.

Along the route, the cut-off time for the 115km Road Race is 12:30 at Ruigtevlei.

Cut-off for the Forest Family Dam Ride is 12:30.

What happens to me if I am in an accident?
If you are in an accident on the route, you will be seen to by our medical team. If you are able to, you can continue to the finish line or you can wait to be collected by a sweep vehicle. If you are more seriously injured you will be transported to the nearest hospital and your details will be logged with the organisers. It is therefore very important to ensure that your medical and emergency contact details are correctly updated and that you ride with your own race number.

If I am in an accident and have to go to hospital in an ambulance, what happens to my bicycle?
The medic that attends to you will radio the Operations Centre who will send a marshal to collect your bicycle. Should there be room in the ambulance, then your bicycle will be dropped off at the nearest refreshment station. In either of these instances, your bicycle will be put on to the sweep vehicle which travels along behind the last of the cyclists. Your bicycle will then be taken to the finish and given to the Venue Operating Centre. You can collect your bicycle from the Venue Operating Centre.

Where can I find photos taken of me during the Knysna Cycle Tour?
Go to They also have photos from previous Knysna Cycle Tour events.

How do I contact the organising office?

How can I book a stand at the Cycle Expo?
Contact Linda on 044 382 1129.