MTB Event Info

Date: Saturday, 8 July 2017

Venue: Waterfront Drive

Time: First start at 08:00

Routes:  80 km, 50 km, 30 km & 15 km PLUS 30 km E-bike

The Knysna Cycle Tour MTB events have become bucket list events for cyclists worldwide because of the beautiful and challenging routes, which are set up and managed for us every year by Leon Evans (Dr Evil), and include access to sections of privately owned property that are normally closed to the public.

You will ride through sections of the Knysna Forest and scenic farmland areas, and be exposed to the beauty of the natural fauna and flora of the exquisite Garden Route, while testing your skills to the maximum.

Age limits have been adjusted to ensure that fun riders have the maximum amount of FUN.

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Knysna Cycle Tour with the introduction of new events and routes. The MTB events will include a 30 km Electric bike route, the first E-bike event in the country!

There will also be an exciting new route for the 15 km race! It’s called the Ashes Fun Ride in memory of the Knysna fires and we encourage you to enter to show your support for local cyclists who were affected by the recent devastating fires! Check out the new route here.

We are also introducing a Buffalo category to the 50 km MTB race. Read more here.

There will be prizes for fun riders and plenty of pre- and post-race activities over the weekend.

Entry fees:

MTB 80 km19 years & olderR360
MTB 80 km EliteElite riders onlyR360
MTB 50 km15 years & olderR280
MTB 30 km10 years & olderR190
MTB 15 km Fun Ride9 years & olderR110
MTB Tandem 30 kmR330
E-bike 30 kmR190

* MTB entry fees include Sanparks conservation fee & VAT, but exclude a CSA day licence, which is R35 per day.

Late entry fees:
80 km and 50 km – R50 | 30 km and 15 km – R30

START TIME: From 08:00


All cyclists are to enter their respective holding areas at least 30 minutes before the start of their race. Once in the area, you may not leave. A MAP and details of the holding areas will be available in your race pack. Timing will be by chips.