Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour goes Virtual

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Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour goes Virtual

  • Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour to run virtual race campaign to compliment the real event
  • Real event takes place on 17 and 18 July 2021
  • Virtual Knysna Cycle Tour Challenge takes place from 5 July to 1 August 2021
  • Online virtual “real time” race on race weekend
  • Rouvy online platform used for the virtual event
  • Rotary to benefit from charity donations

KNYSNA, South Africa, 04 June 2021

The 2021 Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour will offer cyclists both a real and virtual experience of its iconic routes traversing the beautiful surrounds of the area.

Knysna’s renowned cycle races will take place on 17 and 18 July 2021 as part of the Oyster Festival and its Stay, Work, Play campaign encouraging people to visit the town and participate in events all while also working and having fun.

For cyclists who cannot make it to Knysna for the real event, and for those competing in the real event but wanting an extra challenge, event organiser Knysna Speed Festival, together with partners Wesgro, Visit Knysna and PSG Wealth Insure, has taken the event into the virtual mainstream with the launch of the Virtual Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour.

“The Knysna Cycle Tour has always been an industry pioneer and ahead of the curve with its events,” says Race director, Ivan van Lier. “With the onset of COVID-19 in May last year we had to postpone the race, but quickly pivoted to launch an exploratory virtual event using the Zwift platform. The initiative highlighted the value of virtual sports in promoting both Knysna and the event. With the rapid growth in the number of people engaging with the virtual world it is fast becoming a training and social riding phenomenon, thus we felt it imperative to up our virtual offering this year,” he added.

The virtual tour will feature three stages using a selection of actual routes of approximately 25km each from the Knysna Cycle tour for riders to experience the beauty of Knysna’s surrounds, while also engaging in some fierce competitive riding! Virtual Insanity, the South African agents for Rouvy, visited Knysna to film three segments of the route before digitising them into the virtual race.   

Rouvy will make the segments available to ride from 1 July with riders able to ride the three stages at any time of the day or night. You can ride them as many times as you like – maybe you just want to improve your time each ride, or perhaps you want to see if you can ride the stages the most times? You choose! The stages are there for you to challenge yourself in whatever manner suits you. 

The official Virtual Knysna Cycle Tour then has two elements: the “Challenge” race and “Real Time” race. The “Challenge” will kick off from 5 July and run to 1 August. Once again, you can ride the stages as many times as you wish during the 28-day race period to improve your times and climb up the leader board.

For those riders that cannot make it to Knysna, or those that finish the real race in time and still have some energy left, the online “Real Time” race will be run on Saturday 17 July. All riders will start at the same time and race the 25 kilometres against each other to the finish line.

To take part in the official Knysna Cycle Tour races a minimum entry donation of R200 is required with the proceeds going to the Rotary Club of Knysna. By making a donation, riders will receive a free month’s subscription on Rouvy for July 2021, qualify for the Rouvy leader board classification, and compete for prizes. Results will be posted regularly so you can see how you stack up against the rest of the field – and your mates!

To take part simply log your entry online from 10 June 2021 at  

Keep checking our website for instructions on how to use the platform and for more details on the races.

Please mail for further information.

About the Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour:

Entries for the 33rd Knysna Cycle Tour are open at

For trail riders, the core MTB elements will be the 80km, 50km and 30km races taking place on Saturday. The 15km Family fun ride (for riders 9 years and older) also takes place on Saturday.

Keeping up with international trends, the MTB race will feature e-bikes in three events –  30km, 50 km and 80km. With e-bikes giving older or injured riders a new lease on cycling life this class is set to grow very quickly over the next few years, and the Knysna Cycle Tour welcomes all e-bikers with open arms.  

As has become tradition, the road races will bring the weekend to a close on Sunday with races of 50km and 100km. The road race will also allow e-bikes in both events.

Specialist elite and social riders, families as well as many MTB participants that did not get enough exercise in the previous day’s MTB races, will be putting rubber to the road. The challenging and scenic routes both leave Knysna along the beautiful lagoon road heading towards George before winding up towards the Outeniqua mountains and then returning to Knysna.

For more information please visit or call the race office at 044 382 7500


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