Knysna Cycle Tour

82km MTB

2 July 2022 – Day 1 – 82 km Red Route Trail MTB | 2333m deep into the forest

Follows the same route as 42km until the Kom-se-Pad turn (roughly 16km climbing),

The 82 km ride will be along the Concordia road that has stunning views of the Knysna lagoon and some undulating riding till you get to the Uniondale road. From this point you have continual climbing till pass the Diepwalle Big Tree and Forest Station !

Now what’s happening to the 82 km Riders

They will continue past Kom se Pad (no free bees or turn offs will be allowed) past Spitskop and then peaking at Buffels Neck. (Top of the main climb).

From Buffels Neck proceed to a turn west that tacks the riders back in the indigenous forest again till you get to the Rodebossie trail hut.

Continue on still interesting jeep (single track) till Kom se Pad. From Kom se Pad you follow the 45 km route down the Gouna Hill over the Gouna River and up the Gouna climb to the back to the finish at Top of Simola.

It’s then party time at the farm.


After the morning spent on the bike, MEET YOU AT THE FARM.

“As the road winds its way up, climbing through the greenery towards the world-renowned Simola Golf & Country Estate, excitement mounts. There, perched on a hill amidst the verdant vegetation of Knysna is The Farm. Established in December 2015, this is a play park and cycle park for children, and a restaurant with views to impress for the parents.

The play area includes a wonderful variety of jungle gyms, swings, a trampoline, slides, Wendy hours and massive expanses of lawn to play ball or chase one another around. There is also a “bump” track for the children to ride their bikes, racing one another around while waiting for their loved ones to

Freshly baked goods are on offer (including the likes of coffee-chocolate brownies, pancakes with cinnamon and sugar, and decadent carrot cake). The breakfasts are a delicious combination of traditional bacon and eggs, Banting options, or a healthy muesli and yoghurt. Soups, toasted sandwiches, and other light snacks are also on offer for hungry visitors that want to savour the views with some tasty treats.”

The Farm is the perfect place to unwind, refresh and refuel that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

The Farm ““

Enter Now

Wait for the single track rides on Sunday the 3 rd July at the Garden route Trail Park