MTB Routes

We pride ourselves on our world-class MTB routes!

Special attention is given to the following:

  • Single track quality enhancement
  • Jeep track quality
  • Flow of cyclists (reducing congestion and safer cycling track)
  • Emphasis on quality of MTB routes


80 km Mountain Bike Route and Profile – 2018 Route to be confirmed

50 km Mountain Bike Route and Profile 

30 km Mountain Bike Route and Profile 

15 km Ashes Fun Ride in support of Knysna cyclists who were affected by the fires!






  • ALL cyclists must follow their demarcated route
  • 15 km MTB route is suitable for beginners


  • Orange day-glow spots on trees / red and white danger tape / black arrow and danger signs on white signboards
  • Follow the orange day-glow route markers
  • Arrows are mainly at intersections
  • All intersections are clearly marked
  • A cross on a tree denotes a wrong route
  • If you do not see a marker for 300m you are lost
  • Backtrack until you find a Marshal or the previous route marker
  • Marshals will be placed mainly at intersections along the main Concordia Road and at water points
  • It is up to you to follow the route and OBEY ALL TRAFFIC RULES
  • Slower cyclists must move over for faster competitors
  • Faster riders to indicate by calling “passing left / right”
  • Riders retiring from the race must give the Back Marker or any Marshal their number
  • Keep left, especially along all main roads. It is possible that vehicles could be on the course
  • It is compulsory to wear a helmet!
  • Take care on the downhills, there may be some hidden obstacles
  • No fires or smoking is allowed in the forest!
  • All Marshals must be obeyed
  • Riders to make way for emergency vehicles
  • Unsafe or dangerous riding on “caution sections” will not be allowed
  • All bicycles to be in good working order ie. both brakes working, water bottles with holders, pump, puncture kit, good drive chains etc.