Race Info


  1. This year the Knysna Cycle Tour will be making use of RaceTec timing devices.
     If you have entered a Road Race you will need a transponder (chip), which fits on your ankle or your bike.
    MTB cyclists need a permanent RaceTec MTB board (you may already have one), which includes a chip. This can be reused at all RaceTec timed MTB events.
    Transponders and boards can be ordered when you enter the race and collected at registration. They can also be purchased at registration on 16 July 2021.
  2. Although there are not many thorns, there are rocks on the mountain bike routes.
  3. The race courses are long. Please take plenty of food and liquids with you.
  4. Cyclists not used to long rides are advised to pace themselves carefully.
  5. There will be vehicles at most marshal points. If you break down, push or carry your bike to the nearest point for a lift back to town after the race.
  6. The Back Marker will have a radio and anyone in trouble can wait for him/her.
  7. Ride the route as laid out.
  8. Caution is required at main intersections.
  9. Remember you are riding at your own risk.
  10. The Provincial Traffic Authorities have insisted that there must be NO SECONDING along the N2.
  12. Keep to the left of the road, especially on gravel roads.
  13. Marshals and first aid officials will withdraw at 15:30 on all routes.